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A skier ascending a mountain at sunrise.

Skid: noun \ˈskid \ 

A certain individual commonly found in mountain towns all over the world who prioritizes “getting after it” over real responsibilities. Expert in finding happy hour deals, not paying for their own lift ticket, and whose diet largely consists of ramen, pizza, smushed PB&Js and discount lagers.

We aren’t chefs. Nobody involved in the writing of this book has ever even gone near culinary school. But that’s the point. You don’t need to be a chef to cook delicious, healthy meals that fuel your passion for all things mountain sports, you just need to get a little creative.

The Skids
Lily Krass and Max Ritter

The cookbook authors Max Ritter and Lily Krass.

Max and Lily met on a backcountry yurt trip in the Front Range of Colorado. After attending school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, they now live in Jackson, Wyoming and work as professional writers in the skiing and outdoor industry. Depending on the season, you’ll likely find them skiing in Grand Teton National Park, ripping singletrack on Teton Pass, or whipping up a new creation in the kitchen of their tiny apartment.

Outside of playing in the mountains, we like to cook, and every one of these recipes is something we frequently make in our own tiny kitchen. It is a collection of tastes from all around the world, ranging from Vienna to Mexico City to Bangkok, adapted to use readily-available local ingredients. Many of our meals pay homage to family recipes we both grew up on, taking a little slice of childhood with us wherever we go.

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