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Peanut Street Noodles

Our Asian Street Noodles came about when we tried to make pad thai on a budget. Turns out culinary experiments can have happy endings after all. When we’re feeling pasta, but want a little something spicier, this is our go-to recipe to satisfy those exotic cravings. We prefer it with dark soba noodles and a healthy dose of our Peanut Sauce.



Kaiser-what? This absolutely decadent dish is a staple of the Austrian diet. Liberally translated, it’s the emperor’s omelette, but these days, it can be found in just about any Austrian mountain hut in front of a hungry climber, skier, or hiker. It’s as Austrian as Wienerschnitzel and skiing. During my time working at the Karl Ludwig Haus, I spent hours in the kitchen preparing up to 100 of these a day for guests. It was tough work, but the best part was incessantly snacking on them throughout the day. Quality control, right?



Growing up in New York City, I was fascinated by the huge variety of ethnic foods available a short subway ride away. Sure, Chinatown is cool, but real Korean food takes the cake. Enter Bibimbap, which exists in just about every form imaginable but always includes some form of crunchy rice paired with veggies and spicy meat. Our version is simple to make at home, doesn’t require any super-exotic ingredients, and is a delicious way to impress your friends when you’re craving something Asian. 


Mama's Famous Chili

Chili was one of the first things I learned how to make when I moved away from home and it just may be my favorite recipe in the book. This recipe pays homage to my mom’s famous 10-Mile Chili which she fills entirely with local ingredients from within ten miles of our house in Washington State. While we don't quite have the same selection of ingredients up in the mountains, this chili is hearty, delicious, and incredibly easy to pack with you on the skintrack. Plus, whipping out a hot thermos of chili on a frozen summit will surely make you the best skier on the mountain.



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